All of the resources in this section are prefixed with /cider-ci/storage. This prefix is omitted for brevity in the following.

General Properties


Uploading is preformed via http PUT.

Every storage artifact has an associated content-type. This content-type is set from the content-type header of the PUT request and therefore should be set properly. If not specified, the content-type application/octet-stream will be used.

Retention Time

Uploaded artifacts will be automatically deleted after a retention time has been reached.


Trial-Attachments will be listed in the user-interface with the matching trial. The default retention time is 10 days.

The :trial_id should be an existing id of a trial. This is however not enforced.

The * postfix can be an arbitrary url-path in accordance with the http path specification, e.g. screenshots/image01.png. Query parameters will be ignored.

GET /tree-attachments/:trial_id/*

PUT /tree-attachments/:trial_id/*

DELETE /tree-attachments/:trial_id/*


Tree-Attachments will be listed in the user-interface with the matching job. The default retention time is 90 days.

Similar restrictions as with the Trial-Attachments apply.

GET /tree-attachments/:tree_id/*

PUT /tree-attachments/:tree_id/*

DELETE /tree-attachments/:tree_id/*